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Job Roles for Salesforce Professionals


Salesforce CRM helps organizations to improve organizations, increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


What are the roles in Salesforce?


  1. Salesforce Business Analyst - Need to analyze business requirements that help to boost the revenue generation.


  1. Salesforce Administrator - Have an in-depth knowledge in Salesforce customization. The major task for Salesforce administrator is to maintain reports, dashboards, workflow rules and much more. 


  1. Salesforce Architect - Should be an expert in web services, in and out of the various business process, web development languages and much more.


  1. Salesforce Developer - An individual who can build cloud applications in the short term. Developers should have strong knowledge in VisualForce, Java and various other programming languages.


  1. Salesforce Project Manager - An individual with cloud-computing skills can survive in Salesforce field. Salesforce Project manager can work with consultants and engineers on different projects.


  1. Salesforce Consultant - The demand Salesforce consultant are high on companies. Salesforce consultants add value to the business through revenue generation. Salesforce CRM helps to customer data with high security. Consultant can analyze the impacts shortly.


Salesforce Security: Data Protection and Cloud Security is a popular topic at the moment, particularly in GDPR. 




The huge team is not mandatory to implement Salesforce CRM. The following rules are enough to proceed further or furtherly.


  1. A power user knows the company's business process.
  2. A project owner understand the organization requirements.
  3. An administrator can manage CRM tool every day. 


Professionals who wish to move onto the next step of their career in the Salesforce domain can approach Salesforce Training in Chennai. Expert guidance will be helpful to enhance your skills in Salesforce CRM. According to a recent survey, there is an increasing demand in the Salesforce field. Use this opportunity and get a wonderful career.


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Hope this helps.