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Easiest way to learn Ethical Hacking

What is Ethical Hacking?


Ethical Hacking is the intrusive activity that helps to detect the weakness in a system or network in their security. Ethical Hacking is also known as penetration testing. 


Difference between an ethical hacker and a malicious hacker?



  • The main objective of an Ethical Hacker is to fix the network or system. 




  • Malicious hackers can access other data without their permission. Ethical hackers must report all vulnerabilities and weaknesses during the penetration/intrusive activity.



The similarity between malicious hackers and the ethical hacker is that they use the same methods, tools and tactics to gain access to a network or system. 


Different Types of Hacking



  • Wireless network hacking: This involves penetrates the security of WLAN.
  • Web Server hacking: It is based on the back-end database and applications.
  • Social Engineering: These involve human interaction by the intruder to handle the target.
  • System Hacking: Operating system vulnerabilities are exploited and found, e.g., buffer overflow and unpatched system.
  • Web application Hacking: It can be done by manipulating the application through GUI. 



Professional Development


There is an increasing demand for cyber-security experts due to the proliferation of data, software, system and other technologies. 


Development and Quality Assurance


More focus needs to be placed on security testing. This helps to identify coding errors in the short term.


Responsibilities of Ethical Hacker



  • Create awareness about security level
  • Safeguard their network system
  • Need to prevent client information and business transactions
  • Need to monitor the track regularly



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Hope this helps.