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Why ReactJS is popular nowadays?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook engineers. It helps developers to break the complex User Interface to simple components. The main objective of ReactJS offers the best possible rendering performance. Know more via React JS Training in Chennai with FITA support. In this article, you will learn why ReactJS is so popular nowadays.


React JS popularity


Developers using frameworks to get better results. ReactJS helps to construct machine-readable codes.


ReactJS is highly popular because of its flexibility and simplicity. It is estimated to be more than 2600 developers and 97000sites utilize ReactJS. Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Instagram and PayPal use it to solve UI related issues. 


Why to prefer ReactJS?



  • It uses a virtual DOM that helps apps to work faster. 
  • The state helps to store all changes in one section. React JS helps to take all the content and place it in a single location.
  • Using ReactJS helps to pass custom data to specific UI components. This is the best option to fill the data using rendering JSX components. 
  • Components help developers to breakdown complex UI. 
  • ReactJS supports developers to build apps in JavaScript. It directly brings HTML to JS.



ReactJS comparison to other frameworks


ReactJS framework helps developers to use regularly. Here is the comparison of ReactJS to other frameworks.


Runtime Performance: AngularJS runs multiple times before stabilizing. ReactJS has dependency tracking, both ReactJS and VueJS are exceptional when it comes to the speed.


ReactJS doesn’t face the issue, because it has dependency tracking. Both VueJS and ReactJS are exceptional when it comes to speed. Use Purecomponents, if you don’t want re-rendering. 


CSS and HTML application: HTML structure is expressed through JSX.


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